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Stretch marks and scars removal


Remove Stretch Marks and Scars in Detroit

Would you like to remove stretch marks or scars? We can help! We offer complete services in Detroit to diminish and remove stretch marks and scars.

Reduce stretch marks, acne & surgical scars and improve skin conditions with no downtime! Relume™ is the first technological breakthrough for the improvement of skin conditions where pigment loss has occurred - safely and painlessly with no downtime! Through the use of UV phototherapy and the latest advances in targeted light technology, Relume precisely stimulates melanain production – restoration of lost pigment is routinely achieved in just weeks, offering an effective solution to helping you look your best!




ReLumeTM is the first technological breakthrough to offer a practical treatment solution for leukoderma, or skin conditions in which pigment loss has occurred. ReLume combines the benefits of safe and effective UV phototherapy with the latest advances in targeted light technology to achieve selective repigmentation of hypopigmented skin.

ReLume improves the appearance of several hypopigmented skin conditions, including acne scars, traumatic and surgical scars, laser-resurfaced and chemically-peeled skin, and mature stretch marks. This no downtime procedure is painless and safe for all skin types.

Loss of skin pigmentation occurs as a complication of injury to the skin from trauma, surgery, laser therapy and burns. Pigment loss is also noted in mature stretch marks that occur as a result of pregnancy or from rapid weight gain. An estimated 90% of pregnant women, 70% of adolescent females and 40% of adolescent males develop stretch marks.1 ReLume offers an effective treatment solution for patients who have lost pigment anywhere on the body.

1 Arnold HL, James WD, Odom RB. Abnormalities of dermal connective tissue. In: Odom RB, James WD, Berger TG, ed. Andrews' diseases of the skin: clinical dermatology. 9th edn. Philadelphia: W.B. Saunders Co., 2000: 645-646.

ReLume precisely delivers therapeutic 290 to 320 nanometer light. These wavelengths stimulate the migration and proliferation of melanocytes and the production and maturation of melanin pigment. With ReLume, restoration of lost pigment is routinely achieved within just weeks. Patients return to their normal activities immediately and, as pigment is restored, the appearance of mature stretch marks and hypopigmented scars is significantly improved.

State-of-the-art, fiber-optic, localized delivery of light

Precision optics adjust size and shape of treatment spot

Treatment accuracy is optimized with handpiece distance gauge and aiming beam

Rapid treatments can be administered by staff

Light-weight system and portable cart for convenient transport

Unparalleled reliability and service with guaranteed overnight replacement of system or components2

2 Based on service availability from FedEx. Not available in all countries.


Cosmetic Repigmentation

The ReLume™ Repigmentation Phototherapy System has received FDA marketing clearance for the treatment of leukoderma, or the loss of skin pigmentation. For stretch marks, acne scars, post-surgical and traumatic scars, burns, grafted skin and laser-resurfaced or chemically-peeled skin, lost pigment can now be restored safely and effectively, often within just weeks.

Stretch marks and acne scars are two of the most common examples of hypopigmented skin, which affect men and women of all ages, including adolescents. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, 90 percent of pregnant women develop stretch marks during the 6th and 7th months of pregnancy, and 80 percent of the population from 11 to30 years-of-age suffer from acne, with millions bearing the scars of this skin condition. ReLume’s unique light-based therapy improves the appearance of stretch marks and acne scars by restoring pigment to skin that is affected by such conditions.

Topical retinoids and laser treatments can improve the clinical appearance of early stretch marks and scars, but, until now, there have been few effective therapies for patients with mature stretch marks and hypopigmented scars. Frustrated with the lack of treatment options for hypopigmented skin conditions, patients are looking for a viable solution. The new ReLume system is now available and offers an effective treatment solution for these skin conditions.

Learn more about how light can be used to treat stretch marks and other hypopigmented scars. Click here to view an article in PDF format.




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