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Spider Vein Removal

Spider Vein Removal in Detroit by Pure

Non invasive. No downtime. Excellent results.


Achieve the look you desire. Spider vein removal is an exciting service offered in Detroit. We can help remove the unsightly look of spider veins. Using Intense Pulse Light (IPL), small and superficial veins can be effectively removed from the face, legs or arms.

Leg Veins & Vascular Pigmented Lesion Treatments
using the IPL Quantum Laser

The IPL Quantum Laser uses combined light sources to safely and effectively treat unsightly leg veins, as well as vascular and pigmented legions on areas of the face, neck, hands, chest or legs.
IPL technology is a non surgical option also used to gently improve the appearance of photo-aged skin, removing age spots, brown spots (melanin pigmentation) and redness caused by broken capillaries and vascular lesions (rosacea, spider veins, etc.).

Reticular & deep leg vein treatments
using the IPL Quantum Laser

The IPL Quantum Laser can be used for any skin type and has important benefits over traditional therapy – its fast, and virtually pain free. Vein treatments using the IPL require no needles or compression wrapping and there is no downtime. Allow 30 minutes for treatment time.

Small leg vein treatments using the IPL Quantum Laser

The IPL Quantum Laser also effectively treats Telangectasias (red & blue spider veins), Sclerotherapy Mattes (redness left after injection sclerotherapy). Visible improvements can be achieved.

Leg veins, spider veins and other benign vascular lesions are amongst the most frequent and challenging aesthetic complaints. Lumenis™ integrates two highly effective technologies.

To learn more about spider vein removal, contact us for a Free consultation. There's no obligation, and it's completely free! Or Ask The Experts a question to learn more. We can help you be free of spider veins!


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