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Anti-Aging Products

Anti-Aging Products in by Pure


We offer a variety of skincare and anti-aging products in Detroit that will improve the way you look and feel. You'll feel younger, healthier, and you'll love what you see when you look in the mirror!

Pure offers an extensive line of DDF and Guinot products.

PURE Skin Care Products

Tend Skin

Excellent for use after laser, IPL or similar treatments

$20.00 per 4 oz. bottle*

HGH growth hormone

Combat aging with HGH growth hormone. By giving our bodies pure, natural nutrients we have a tremendous ability to heal ourselves and restore youthful health.The key to helping our bodies deal with aging symptoms is to produce the same level of human growth hormone (HGH) that we produced when we were in our mid twenties. Bringing our circulating levels of HGH back to higher levels helps fight degenerative diseases. Help restore youthful health with HGH!

$39.95 per bottle*

Aloe Cort Cream

A soothing Aloe Vera based therapeutic Moisturizing cream. Use after hair reduction Procedures, PhotoFacials, or other treatments that irritate the skin. Contains Aloe Vera and 1% Hydrocortisone

$24.95 per 2 oz. bottle*


A daily substitute for Botox. The effects are fine lines caused by excessive "wrinkling" of the facial muscles. "Crows fee", forehead lines and other similar areas on the face can appear smoother after a daily application of this product. It is the current "hot product" in Hollywood and New York in the entertainment industry. Look like a movie star with FauxTox

$75.00 per bottle*

Rosacea Relief

A bio-curative skin care treatment for hyper-sensitive, couperose and delicate skin concerns. Helps strengthen delicate, fragile skin while reducing visible redness.

$49.95 per 1 oz. bottle*

Vitamin K Cream

Soothing plant extract vitamin K emulsion. Good for small vein treatment particularly on the face. Rosacea clients and people with facial redness should use this product.

$49.95 per 1 oz. bottle*


To learn more about our anti-aging products, contact us for a Free consultation. There's no obligation, and it's completely free! Or Ask The Experts a question to learn more. We can help you achieve a more attractive and younger appearance with our anti-aging products!


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